Friday, October 15, 2010


Oops! This is embarrassing. I forgot my password for this account, how fucking idiotic am I? I forgot my password for my own damn e-mail address, but I finally got it all under control... hopefully. I had something more special planned out for this post, but that'll be postponed to the next post, I think it's cool, but it's probably just nothing special at all.

So instead, toe. A post-rock band I figured out about a while ago that has turned into my favorite one. I'm not one for this genre mostly, but this band has their shit down, especially the drummer. Dude knows how to play.

I really suggest both of their full-lengths fully, but I really do gravitate more to The Book About My Idol Plot on a Vague Anxiety. It's less added stuff (keyboards, vocals; what have you) and the basics, and it's really fucking good. Nothing too long, none of those annoying build ups everyone hates, just fantastic music. Not to say For Long Tomorrow is bad or anything, it's actually a great album (that really wanes toward the end in my opinion) and has some fantastic songs, but The Book About my Idol Plot is just a lot more cohesive to me.

Songs, Ideas We Forgot


The Book About My Idol Plot on a Vague Anxiety


For Long Tomorrow

It's still just one long song, I've been thinking about cutting it up into multiple parts, and maybe I will soon. You can google it if you want the one long track though.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summertime Compilation

Super awesome early 2000s comp that has a lot of fantastic bands on there (I mean seriously look at that list). Aside from the obvious bands you should already know about (Off Minor, Pg. 99, Joshua Fit for Battle).

As far as I know, Ache is pre-Sinaloa and Knives & Greenwater is pre-Gospel. Off Minor also does a pretty nice Universal Order of Armageddon cover.

And whats the best part about this compilation? It has Geoff Rickley's number! It's probably an old one though, and I really do want to call it though; I'll see in the future when I grow a pair.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sea of Cortez

Every 10 days sounds about right eh? I'm probably just pushing myself to make sure at least every 10 days, but whatever fuck faces.

Sea of Cortez were a pretty sweet 90s emo band from Arizona. They put out a 7", a split 7" and an LP on Voice of the Sky records. That LP is damn near impossible to find because apparently Voice of the Sky was pretty much done when they were putting out that LP. It's a shame, because I would love a copy, but god damn.

Definitely recommended band, a gem of the 90s emo scene shit whatever. I also went ahead and uploaded the split 7" in shitty usb turntable quality.

Age of Anxiety

Sea of Cortez- S/T 7"

Sea of Cortez/Mars Observer Mission- Split 7"

Sea of Cortez- Intermission EP

Sea of Cortez- Live 5-26-2000

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Vidablue/Ten Grand

I'm watching football right now, but as usual, any fantasy player I have is too busy being a fuck up.

What fuck ups.

I'm trying to keep this blog rolling, and I really don't want to just stop posting out of nowhere, but I am one lazy human being.

But on to the good stuff.

The Vidablue/Ten Grand is probably my favorite band ever. I can't be 100% sure of these things though. They are though the only band I actually want to have a full collection of, but you don't care about that.

It's something special about them, the vocal delivery, the music, their live shows (or at least the recorded ones that exist). They're a pretty special band, and it's sad to see such a great person like Matt Davis go. Maybe I shouldn't have been so young when they were around, because I would've loved to see these guys and meet Matt, I have never heard an ill word about him.

Their first two releases are pretty fantastic stuff, but their 3rd release really marks a change in their music to an even greater direction. Just, everything got better. I suck at describing this shit, but This is the Way to Rule is definitely their best release, in my opinion. I wholeheartedly recommend downloading every single thing posted here, you won't be disappointed at all.

The Vidablue- Our Miracle Point of Contact

The Vidablue/The Khayembii Communique- Split 10"

Ten Grand- The Comprehensive List of Everyone Who Has Ever Done Anything Wrong to Us

Ten Grand- This is the Way to Rule

Ten Grand- What I Should Have Said Vol. 1

Ten Grand/Meth and Goats- Split 7"

Ten Grand/Mike Lust- Split 7"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the chef cooks me

A rather embarrassing thing to post first, the first thing I'll post is the chef cooks me. They hail from Japan, they're J-pop, and I have the strangest obsession with them.

It's not like I go and listen to J-pop on the reg, but god damn there is something about this band so charming I can't stop listening to their fucking songs and bopping around to it like I'm in elementary school and I just heard fucking "Mmm Bop." Whether it be the hilarious guitar solo in the first song on HOMESTAR, HOMETOWN, HOMESONG!! CD (that's not intentionally hilarious, it just sounds so out place it makes me even more happy), or the fact they actually change their shit from album to album, the chef cooks me is a fantastic band, one that I can listen to time and fucking time again.

Here's everything I can find by this band, the Japanese must hate sharing music because this was a fucking bitch to collect and I'm still missing shit.


Joy & Sorrow & Tears & Smilies

Love Transformation


the chef cooks me

tccm ~ Tapping Crazy, Cooking Mad

Now that I've made myself look gayer than Dante and Randal onn Clerks: Animated (bring it back!), download and join the parade.

It's another blog

I feel like I've ruined my last blog enough my sporadic posting that it annoys me to look at it. Also, the japanese had quite a fucking boner for blowing up every god damn comment box for every post.

Annoying as shit.

Well here's another one, hopefully this one lasts better. (for those that don't know)