Friday, October 15, 2010


Oops! This is embarrassing. I forgot my password for this account, how fucking idiotic am I? I forgot my password for my own damn e-mail address, but I finally got it all under control... hopefully. I had something more special planned out for this post, but that'll be postponed to the next post, I think it's cool, but it's probably just nothing special at all.

So instead, toe. A post-rock band I figured out about a while ago that has turned into my favorite one. I'm not one for this genre mostly, but this band has their shit down, especially the drummer. Dude knows how to play.

I really suggest both of their full-lengths fully, but I really do gravitate more to The Book About My Idol Plot on a Vague Anxiety. It's less added stuff (keyboards, vocals; what have you) and the basics, and it's really fucking good. Nothing too long, none of those annoying build ups everyone hates, just fantastic music. Not to say For Long Tomorrow is bad or anything, it's actually a great album (that really wanes toward the end in my opinion) and has some fantastic songs, but The Book About my Idol Plot is just a lot more cohesive to me.

Songs, Ideas We Forgot


The Book About My Idol Plot on a Vague Anxiety


For Long Tomorrow

It's still just one long song, I've been thinking about cutting it up into multiple parts, and maybe I will soon. You can google it if you want the one long track though.


  1. track 9 on for long tomorrow is corrupted

  2. Think you could re-up Life Detecting Coffins? The link on BiC is dead and the only other link I can find is corrupted.