Friday, October 1, 2010

Summertime Compilation

Super awesome early 2000s comp that has a lot of fantastic bands on there (I mean seriously look at that list). Aside from the obvious bands you should already know about (Off Minor, Pg. 99, Joshua Fit for Battle).

As far as I know, Ache is pre-Sinaloa and Knives & Greenwater is pre-Gospel. Off Minor also does a pretty nice Universal Order of Armageddon cover.

And whats the best part about this compilation? It has Geoff Rickley's number! It's probably an old one though, and I really do want to call it though; I'll see in the future when I grow a pair.


  1. where did you find this? fucking awesome release.

  2. I bought mine from discogs and it seems the person I bought from has another one:

  3. Awesome, thanks!

    I lent this to a friend's boyfriend like ten years ago, and he never returned it. I still have the booklet, but not the music!

    It took freaking forever for this to show up on the internet.

  4. Just to let people know; this is still available. I’m not at all bummed by having this on here, just letting people know. I was lucky enough to have worked with some really tremendous bands, and I am glad to see that there is still interest in their music.


  5. sweet.
    i was the drummer for fsff and lost my copy of this rad compilation years ago.i remember eric/kordova milk bar being a super nice guy from my correspondence with him and doing a weekend of three shows w/ cable car theory shortly after this came out (we sold out of our copies of the comp during those shows).
    anyways, thanks for the post!